Saturday, July 2, 2011


(the winner gets to choose his/her color)

I found out myself today, so I couldn't help but posting about it _ I am a huge fan of YATZER as they allow one to draw limitless inspiration. This January, and in collaboration with, yatzer is giving away an ABICI bicycle, probably one of the most stylish bikes to ride. Aesthetics, meet healthy lifestyle. So, you still have this day to participate and have a chance to win this beautiful bike, in any color you choose.... wow!
Good luck to all of you : )

I'm sharing now...
Source : YATZER

We just started 2011 and we are all excited to begin sharing great work with you our beloved Yatzer readers. Although we continue to progress into new heights of collaboration and innovation, it is always nice to see a throwback piece or an inspired new piece with roots from the past. To celebrate our new year we join forces with the to bring you a special transportation piece that will become part of your home and we are sure you will enjoy this beautiful bicycle at its purest version. Inspired by old catalogues from the 50's the Granturismo Uomo bicycle designed by ABICI - Italia features a steel frame with brass brazing junctions, simple lines and comfort for the daily commute to work or the simple joy of riding on a weekend.

frame: brass brazing junctions, steel frame
size 52/56 - weight 12,9kg
handlebar, stem, headset, brake levers, pedals, brakes: aluminum
grips: rubber
saddle: B17 Brooks, leather
Colours: cream, green, matt black,grey, red, light blue, violet
So travel the world with Yatzer and let's begin 2011 with this awesome gift, one of our most extravagant to date!


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