Sunday, July 10, 2011

Why is it always about sex?

What is it with men always wanting sex? Is a man’s sex drive simply uncontrollable?

Well first of all not all men or women have an equal sex drive. In fact sex drive is quite an individual issue, although generally in men it’s known to be rather high. There are other factors which effect both males and females. Such as people who maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and avoid the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes and drugs tend to have a higher sex drive than individuals who neglect their nutrition and health in general. There are many instances where a woman is actually more sexually driven than the man, however women somehow seem to be much more in control and most times would only have sex if they feel it’s appropriate or are totally infatuated.

So is it always men who initiate sex? Perhaps not always but a good 90% of the time it is. Why?

Sex is also a means of expression, one which men find extremely convenient. Whereas a woman might feel she’s connecting with her partner by laying in bed at night and talking about everything that occurred during the day a man would much rather just get down to business roll over and sleep. The problem is that most men have trouble expressing themselves verbally so often sex appears like the ideal substitute. Many times it’s simply the physical attraction which creates that sexual desire in a man, and it’s absolutely no reason for a woman to feel insulted.


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