Friday, April 22, 2011

HomoQuotable - Greg Quinlan

"When two plus two doesn't equal four anymore, you can do anything you want because logic and truth [don't] matter. We are no longer a nation of laws; we are a nation of lawmakers. And those lawmakers happen to wear black robes and sit in courtrooms. I have to speak to this as a former homosexual. This is part of the pathology, the arrogance of the narcissism of homosexuality, because Judge Walker is himself a homosexual and proud to say so. So this is the issue that we have here. We have the elitist arrogance of the homosexual political movement who are making rules as they go along. This is illicit and illegal what he did." - "Ex-gay" whackjob Greg Quinlan, who is ever so pissed that Walker recently played a Prop 8 trial clip during a speech to college students.


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