Saturday, January 17, 2009

The US preaches "democratic and just government" in Cambodia ... but goes on to support Hun Sen's authoritarian regime: Go figure that out!

Chargè d’affaires Piper Campbell delivers remarks at an Asia Foundation sponsored event.

Chargè d’affaires Piper Campbell addresses the future of Cambodian/U.S. relations with the Asia Foundation

Le Royal hotel
January 12, 2009
Source: US Embassy in Phnom Penh

On the 12th of January at an Asia Foundation sponsored event entitled “America’s Role in Asia” the Chargè d’affaires spoke to a packed house at the Le Royal hotel in Phnom Penh on the many ways the U.S. is engaged with the Royal Government of Cambodia. In her remarks she noted that while we are welcoming a new President, Secretary of State and U.S. Ambassador to Cambodia,
both the level of our engagement and the general direction of our efforts are not likely to change. She hypothesized that this was mainly due to the enormity of the issues that Cambodia faces such as poverty, weak rule of law and poor health – all of which require stable, long term solutions. She also listed the long term goals that the U.S. has which are “to see a country which is domestically stable and able to secure its borders; where government is democratic and just; where the government joins coordinated donors investing in the Cambodian people to improve health and education standards; and where a healthy economy raises more people out of poverty and provides an opportunity for business”. The Chargè concluded by concurring with the Foundation’s hope that the new US administration accords Asia the attention that its intrinsic importance to the US demands.


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